Automated Time Tracking – Now Even Better!

Jan 13, 2022Artificial Intelligence, Cloud ERP, Digital Transformation, TIQ Time

Imagine you had a smart little assistant capturing all productive time you produce during a day’s work. Following your footsteps, looking over your shoulder and taking notes on which folders you open, the time spent working with documents, which mails you respond to, and the hours you spend talking to clients on Teams. And at the end of the day politely ask you what time you want to check in? Now you can.

Intelligent and automated time tracking has proven to add significant value to Law Firms. Studies show that fee-earners in average spend 50 minutes per week tracking time – minutes that could be spent on producing (billable) value for clients. In addition, up to a staggering 12% of the billable time tends to be lost due to slowness, weak time capture applications and general lack of mobile accessibility.

Our partner TIQ – provider of the leading solution for automated time capture – today announce the release of a renewed and significantly enhanced mobile application. This will further strengthen the capabilities and make time capture even easier when on the move! Learn more at TIQ News

About TIQ Time

With TIQ, time capture becomes amazingly easy. Everything you do is automatically tracked and integrated into your timesheet (with your acceptance of course). But not only that – fuelled by machine boosted smartness – TIQ helps you with consistent narratives, smart glossaries, multilingual spell checking and to ensure compliance with billing rules defined. Could not be easier!

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