The PSA team enjoyed two exciting events in London 🇬🇧 last week:

🚀 iManage ConnectLive EMEA 17-18 October

🚀 InView Community Conference London 19 October 

You’ll find a short write-up from these events below, and contact us to learn more.

It’s always great to visit London, and especially when you get the opportunity to attend two great legal events and meet old and new friends and business contacts in person. iManage sure knows how to arrange great events, and the LawVu/InView team are on to something very cool with their “kiwi-inspired” community events for in-house legal professionals.

iManage – Making knowledge work

ConnectLive – The iManage world is buzzing

We had the pleasure of seeing a lot of Nordic iManage clients at ConnectLive, and there were a lot of interesting product and roadmap updates from the iManage team. It is apparent that the iManage platform is quickly developing and moving beyond the boundaries of traditional DMS, and the new microservices-based and containerised iManage Cloud architecture is a true gamechanger.

iManage is now truly ‘Cloud First’

It is becoming more and more obvious that the future of iManage is in the iManage Cloud. New features and capabilities are made available in the iManage Cloud, and many of them will not be available to non-Cloud customers. iManage Tracker, 0365 Co-authoring, Power Automate connector, and full MS Teams integration are just a few key examples.

Strong Cloud Momentum

iManage now has 2,000+ cloud customers with 335,000 users, 54 cloud customers with 1,000+ users, and 158 cloud customers with 500+ users. Hundreds of iManage customers are migrating from On Premises to Cloud each year – it is apparent that the Cloud is the natural choice for new and existing iManage clients alike.

LawVu and the InView community

The UK in-house legal community: high energy and interaction

It was lovely to meet key members of the UK in-house legal community and experience the high energy, interaction and knowledge-sharing. A packed day included everything from Richard Susskind’s thought-provoking thoughts on “tomorrow’s in-house lawyers” and other great thought leadership content, to lively panel discussions, and one of the most entertaining panel debates I’ve seen on this type of events (on the topic of “do you need your private practice stripes to be an effective in-house counsel?”).

Strong ‘swag’ game

Both events offered some great swag (as the photo above indicates), but I must say the LawVu team has a very strong swag game (in fact I am writing this blog post wearing a “No-one puts Legal Ops in the corner” t-shirt).

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