We are very proud to announce that Regjeringsadvokaten in Norway (The Office of the Attorney General) has decided to implement iManage with the help of PSA Consulting. In addition to the market-leading iManage Knowledge Work platform, Regjeringsadvokaten will use Litera Content Crawler and PSAs Custodian Smart Templates Solution. The implementation project has already started, and Regjeringsadvokaten will go live with their new solution later this year.

 The Office of the Attorney General is the Norwegian state’s legal office in civil lawsuits. The Office acts as counsel for the ministries in lawsuits and advises the Government and the ministries on legal issues.

The Office of the Attorney General is organised as a single central entity administratively subordinate to the Office of the Prime Minister. It is located in Oslo and is led by Attorney General Fredrik Sejersted, who is appointed by the King pursuant to the Instructions for the Office of the Attorney General. Marius Ovesen is Chief Operating Officer. In addition, four lawyers have been assigned managerial duties and make up the management group.

The Office of the Attorney General employs around 50 legal professionals (lawyers and trainee lawyers) and an administrative staff of 22.

The main duties of the Office are to conduct cases on behalf of the Norwegian state in civil lawsuits before national and international courts, and to issue legal opinions. Their clients are the central government bodies, i.e. the Government, the ministries and their subordinate agencies.

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