We have played around a bit with Google Bard since it was made available for EU users a couple of weeks ago. Below you’ll find what Bard told us about how iManage Cloud can help law firms achieve better outcomes (pretty spot on IOHO)

🗂️ iManage Cloud: The Leading DMS Platform for Law Firms
iManage Cloud is the most advanced and secure DMS platform for law firms. With its powerful search capabilities, easy collaboration and knowledge sharing, and purpose-built features, iManage Cloud helps law firms work more efficiently and effectively.

🔎 Advanced Search Capabilities
iManage Cloud’s advanced search capabilities allow lawyers to quickly and easily find the documents they need, even when they’re buried in a large document repository. With iManage Cloud, lawyers can search by document content, metadata, and even concepts.

📚 Easy Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
iManage Cloud makes it easy for lawyers to collaborate and share knowledge. With iManage Cloud, lawyers can share documents, folders, and workspaces with colleagues, clients, and outside counsel.

⚖️ Purpose-Built for Law Firms
iManage Cloud is purpose-built for law firms. With iManage Cloud, lawyers can manage their entire case lifecycle, from intake to matter close, enjoying a host of features specifically designed for the legal industry.

🤝 Seamless Integration with Office 365
iManage Cloud integrates seamlessly with Office 365, including Outlook and Teams, allowing lawyers to work effortlessly and securely from their familiar Office applications.

🔒 Unparalleled Security Capabilities
iManage Cloud is the most secure DMS platform on the market. iManage Cloud is SOC 2 Type II compliant and includes a number of security features, such as data encryption, role-based access control, and audit trails.

If you’re looking for a DMS platform that will help your law firm work more efficiently and effectively, then iManage Cloud is the right choice for you.

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