iManage empowers you to create, manage and collaborate on documents and emails from anywhere on any device. iManage is relied upon by over 1 million professionals globally. Continuous user research delivers innovative new features that make iManage the system demanded by users, not mandated by IT.

PSA Consulting is an iManage reseller and technology partner, servicing both on-prem and cloud clients. We deliver new implementations, legacy DMS migrations and cloud migrations, as well as support and helpdesk services in Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, and English.

Over one million professionals at over 3,500 organisations in over 65 countries – including more than 2,500 law firms and 1,200 corporate legal departments and other enterprise customers – rely on iManage to deliver great client and corporate work – securely.

iManage is best in the cloud.

The iManage Cloud enables every organisation to be more agile, productive, and secure. We have already helped several of the leading law firms in the Nordics move to the iManage Cloud. Contact us to discuss how we can help you do the same.

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be productive from anywhere in a safe, secure environment. iManage’s unique cloud platform delivers against client’s needs of security, reliability, and performance while reducing cost and complexity, and increasing business agility.

  • Performance that drives adoption: Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.

  • Security for vital information: Comprehensive cloud security built on a Zero Touch and Zero Trust architecture.

  • Enhanced business agility: Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.

  • Improved efficiency: Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

We offer proven tools, and processes to support your Cloud migration, with detailed migration methodologies, incorporating best practices, assets, and workflows to ensure success.

Secure and Connected

By the Numbers

  • 1,800 iManage customers have already moved to the cloud (August 2022).

  • 99.992% uptime

  • 8 regional data centres for global coverage

  • 100% in-region data processing to respect residency requirements.

Six Key Features

  1. Industry-leading uptime and performance.
  2. Comprehensive security protections built in.
  3. Resilient and highly available cloud architecture.
  4. Zero Trust security model offers the highest level of protection.
  5. Real-time transparency and uptime reporting through our Trust Center.
  6. Proven tools, processes, and partners to help customers transition to our Cloud.