Litera provide the legal industry’s only unified document lifecycle solution that supports the entire document lifecycle through a single Word ribbon, streamlining the lawyer’s workflow and creating operational efficiencies for IT departments.

Making documents work smart.

Working Smarter Together

Technology is more powerful when it’s integrated. Same look and feel. Fewer steps to get the job done.
Intuitive workflows that help users work smarter, not harder.

PSA Consulting is a Litera partner and reseller and deliver Litera solutions and Litera expert services. Additionally, we provide Litera DocsCorp solutions and expert services to existing DocsCorp users.

Contract Companion

Contract Companion is a proofreading tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure your documents meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

Litera Compare

Compare accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. This market-leading document comparison solution integrates into your working life, whether you’re working from a desktop, the cloud, or on the go, so you never miss a beat.


Metadact redefines the capabilities of metadata technology, coupling a powerhouse of security with a simple design. Server-based Metadact provides total security on any device by enforcing data loss prevention, simplifying attachment management, and keeping your people covered

For Lawyers

Modern lawyers have access to a wide range of document-related technologies. However, this creates a cluttered desktop, numerous extra ribbons in Microsoft Word, and a lack of awareness of what productivity tools are available.

This leads to a dissatisfied fee-earners, and a disjointed and inefficient workflow. Litera removes this complexity.


Maintain Focus on Clients

Spend more time with clients delivering value, and less time cleaning documents and searching for drafting tools.


Everything in One Place

Avoid the need to click through different tabs and different products from multiple vendors to accomplish a task; instead, have all the tools needed in one place.


Complement the Workflow

Litera fits within the workflow, making tools and technology available contextually, where and when they’re needed.

For IT

IT departments often work to support their organisations with technology that is easy to use and allows its users to deliver high quality work. This can lead to a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. Litera Drafting simplifies this.