Intelligent Workflow Automation

Sysero help law firms and in-house legal departments transform and streamline core business processes with intelligent workflow automation.

Key functionality

Client Workflow Portals - A Better Way to Work with Clients

Capture and route client information via online forms and automated workflows.

If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to work with clients, Client Workflow Portals can greatly increase productivity and work quality. Client Workflow Portals enable non-technical users to design online forms to capture information directly from clients, allowing for transactions to be started at any time and routed to appropriate personnel, allowing them to be completed faster and in a more controlled environment.

With Client Workflow Portals, you can quickly route information to relevant staff, and even create customised documents using the data. The result is greater productivity, flexibility and transparency for both your firm and your clients.


Streamline Document Production

If you need to create document bundles or packs on a regular basis, Sysero’s document production workflow can help greatly improve your productivity. By automating the creation of documents, Sysero’s solution significantly reduces drafting time, mitigates the risk of errors, and improves the quality of your documents.

Unlike manual document production, a well-organised automated document workflow can streamline document production, ensure compliance, and allow you to quickly build document bundles or packs. Using Sysero’s Document Production workflow, you can easily generate documents and create a set of documents using information entered in an online form.

Capture, Maintain and Share Knowledge

Knowledge is at the heart of every law firm and Sysero ensures your knowledge stays relevant using customisable Knowledge Management workflows. With Sysero, you can easily create an automated framework for capturing, managing and sharing knowledge across the firm.

Using automated workflows, you can easily ensure the quality of know-how within your organisation using gatekeeper, escalation and review workflows. As new knowledge is captured, it can be routed through a quality control workflow. Unlike traditional knowledge databases, quality control workflows allow content creators to work with content managers to publish new know-how using a series of gatekeepers. Using our unique Pending Process, previously approved content can be updated and checked before overwriting existing content.

Key benefits

Automate Document Creation

Utilise your collective firm knowledge by creating smart document templates for anything from simple letters and NDAs to complex contract structures.

Design and Manage Workflows

Streamline your business processes by designing and managing effective workflows inside and outside your firm.

Build Knowledge Libraries

True firm intelligence in practice by creating and maintaining smart knowledge libraries that are accessible where your fee earners spend their time.

Additional resources


iManage Elevates the Partner Experience with a Comprehensive Workflow System from Sysero

Partners can now quickly uncover relevant information, access critical implementation-related documentation and initiate new projects all from within a single, centralised location. Accessing project documents and materials has also been greatly simplified.

From iManage’s perspective, it’s now easier than ever to ensure consistent onboarding for its customers around the world and extend its expertise to its ever-expanding partner network.

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Cederquist 🇸🇪 implement Knowledge Management system based on Sysero

Following a short trial period, Cederquist have become the first firm in Scandinavia to implement a Knowledge Management System using Sysero 2.0. As a firm that focuses on quality, Cederquist needs a system that can provide a flexible review workflow to build a central knowledge repository. The new system follows the distinctive Cederquist website branding, and uses tools integrated with MS Office to allow subject-matter experts to upload and maintain content held in the Sysero system.

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Simonsen Vogt Wiig 🇳🇴 implemented a dynamic document automation solution based on Sysero

Peter Van Dam, Chief Digital Officer at Simonsen Vogt Wiig, a leading Norwegian law firm, discusses how the firm implemented an effective dynamic document solution for its lawyers. He also shares insights and advice for rolling out a new document automation solution.

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