Intelligent digital transformation is an opportunity for professional services to unlock trapped value and propel their business to the next level. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine-learning and big data analytics allow you to re-imagine your business model and service your clients in smarter, differentiated and cost-efficient ways, while at the same time improve your margins.

Client Onboarding KYC & AML

Securing compliant AML while delivering a five star customer onboarding experience, our solutions delivers integration with leading information sources and all your BackOffice systems and delivers a complete audit-trail for the process. 

Document Lifecycle Management

We partner with the leading solutions for all parts of the digital document lifecycle. We help you move from your existing document solutions to world class cloud based solutions, and integrate them seamlessly with your knowledge management, contract automation and collaboration tools to ensure your key value chain is running perfectly. 

ERP Services

We deliver a full range of services and application management around Deltek Maconomy, the ERP system built for knowledge based companies.  We help you extend the solution life cycle through cost effective upgrades and cloud migrations, digital invoicing, customizations and integrations to best-of-breed applications

Digital Signature & Identification

Integrated digital signature and Identity control seamlessly integrated in applications like iManage or Maconomy, you Client Onboarding solution – or in your own intranet.

Template and Contract Automation

We help you with smart automation of all your firms   templates from simple notes and letters to advanced contracts, always updated with correct metadata from your source systems.

Time Capture and Expense

Automate time capture with pre-filled timesheets based on machine learning.  Add modern expense solutions that reads your expense receipts and delivers a complete digital workflow, so you save time and pain for your employees – and secure a correct billing.